John Lupton

Full Name

John Rollin Lupton


August 22, 1928


Los Angeles, California, USA

Death Date

November 3, 1993 (age 65)



Years Active


John Lupton is best known to daytime audiences at Tommy Horton on Days of our Lives, a role he began in 1967. Lupton continued to make appearances on DAYS until March of 1980. Lupton also appeared on The Young and the Restless in 1980. Lupton also appeared in westerns like Broken Arrow and several movies for Metro where he was a contract player. Lupton died on November 3, 1993 at the age of 65.

Personal LifeEdit

Lupton was married to Anne Tyson Sills (1956-1959), they had one child: Rollin Tyson. Lupton was also married to Dian Friml Beckley (1962-1993; his death).


  • Tommy Horton on Days of our Lives (07/10/1967-03/27/1970; 05/29/1970-05/03/1971; 12/23/1971-07/03/1972; 05/09/1973-05/11/1973; 10/24/1975-04/27/1978; 12/22/1978-03/07/1980)
  • Everett Thornton on The Young and the Restless (1980)

Awards and NominationsEdit

  • Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame located at 1713 Vine Street

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