Lesley Woods


August 22, 1910


Berwick, Iowa, USA

Date of Death

August 2, 2003 (aged 92)

Cause of Death

natural causes



Years Active


Lesley Woods (born August 22, 1910-died August 2, 2003) was a veteran actress of film, stage and television. Lesley's venerable career lasted for over seven decades.



Lesley enjoyed a long career in daytime that started in 1959 on Young Dr. Malone playing Claire Bannister Steele. Woods went on to appeared on The Edge of Night as Evelyn Dark a role she reprised on The Secret Storm in 1968. Woods also appeared on The Nurses, Search for Tomorrow, General Hospital, Days of our Lives and All My Children. Woods was appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful when it debuted in 1987 as Helen Logan, the Logan sister's grandmother. Woods last appearance on B&B was in 2001.


Woods' acting on Broadway included being in Double Dummy (1936), Excursion (1937), Comes the Revelation (1942), The Assassin (1945), and A Case of Libel (1963–64).[1] She was a member of Theatre West. A Billboard review of Comes the Revelation summarized Woods' acting as follows: "Small, blond and attractive, Miss Woods plays with an honesty and restraint that are as rare as they are commendable. Quiet, sincere and tremendously effective, she does one of the finest jobs of the entire season."[2]

Personal lifeEdit

Woods was married to Richard McMurray until his death in 1984.


Woods died on August 2, 2003, just three weeks short of what would have been her 93rd birthday, of natural causes in Los Angeles.



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