Marsha Clark


Cleveland, Ohio, USA



Years Active


Marsha Clark's daytime career began in 1980 as Hillary Bauer Spaulding on Guiding Light a role she played until August 1984 when her character died by getting killed in an explosion and she was killed off the show for this reason. Marsha Clark replaced actress Kelli Maroney on One Life to Live when she left the show in mid 1984 and took over the role of Tina Clayton Lord in late 1984 but was soon replaced temporarily by Nancy Frangione in early 1985 for the role's ailing originator Andrea Evans that same year before Andrea herself later appeared on the show after Frangione left in the spring of that year. In 1998, Clark made a brief appearance on The Young and the Restless. Beginning in 2000, Clark began making guest appearances on Days of our Lives as Judge Karen Fitzpatrick. Clark also appeared on Passions in 2007.


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