Scott McKinsey is a daytime drama director.

McKinsey is the son of Beverlee McKinsey.

Personal LifeEdit

Married to Nancy Bates and they share one child, son Marley


Awards and NominationsEdit

Daytime Emmy Awards

Year Category Series W/N
1983 Film Editing - Children's Programming Insight W
Film Editing - Religious Programming CBS Afternoon Playhouse W
1990 Directing Team Guiding Light N
1991 N
1996 General Hospital N
1997 N
1998 N
1999 N
2000 W
2001 N
2003 As the World Turns N
2004 General Hospital W
2005 W
2006 W
2007 N
2008 N
2010 W
2011 N
2012 W
2015 N
2016 W
2017 W

Directors Guild of America

Year Series W/N
1996 General Hospital N
1997 N
1998 W
2003 Port Charles W
2007 General Hospital N
2008 N
2012 N
2013 N

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