Stacy Haiduk

Full Name

Stacy Lynne Haiduk


April 24, 1968


Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA


Bradford Tatum (1998-present)



Years Active


Stacy Haiduk's daytime career began in 2008 when she joined All My Children as Hannah Nichols for short stints. In 2009, Haiduk joined The Young and the Restless as Patty Williams. Haiduk would eventually take on a dual role playing Emily Peterson, the woman whose face, Patty stole to get revenge on Jack. In 2010, Patty was written out of Y&R. In early 2011, Haiduk was slated to appear on Days of our Lives in the recurring role of Warden Smith. A scheduling conflict forced DAYS to recast the role. Haiduk returned to Y&R in late 2011 and last appeared in March 2012. Haiduk recently appears in episodes of Longmire and Hawaii Five-0. Haiduk made a return appearance to Y&R in a recurring capacity beginning in September 2014 until 2016 when she was let go and decided to quit acting.

Personal LifeEdit

Haiduck has been married to Bradford Tatum since 11/11/1998.


  • Hannah Nichols on All My Children (03/27/2008-05/2008; 09/2008-01/14/2009)
  • Patty Williams (aka Myrna Murdock) on The Young and the Restless (02/10/2009-08/06/2010; 10/24/2011-03/05/2012; 09/20/2012-09/28/2012; 09/21/2014-11/09/2016)
  • Emily Peterson on The Young and the Restless (10/13/2009-08/06/2010; 11/29/2011-02/08/2012)
  • Warden Smith on Days of our Lives (02/2011) Awards and Nominations

Daytime Emmy Awards

Year Category Character/Series W/N
2017 Supporting Actress Patty Williams, The Young and the Restless N

Gold Derby Awards

Year Category Seriesq W/N
2009 Supporting Actress - Daytime Patty Williams, The Young and the Restless W

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